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How Qualcomm decided to acquire NXP:

How Qualcomm decided to acquire NXP:

So, there's BigBank. BigBank has a problem, they have a lot of cash laying around that is actually costing them. They have no idea how to make use of it but they need to turn it into profits. One day, they have a brilliant idea:

BigBank (dials Qualcomm number): ring ring

Qualcomm: "Hello?"

BigBank: "Hello, we have a few billion $US left over, can you do something with the money?"

Qualcomm: "Let me check... No, actually we don't have the bandwidth to funnel this amount of money and turn it into profit. It would be a liability for us, too."

BigBank: "But could you not just buy something? Anything, please? We offer top conditions, low interest, in fact no interest, just help us get rid of the cash!"

Qualcomm: "Hmm, now there's an idea. We only know about making silicon chips, lets check who else does that, makes at least some marginal profit from it and hasn't been sold in a while... NXP!!!1!"

BigBank: "Wonderful idea! We give you the money, you buy NXP, we share the monies!"

Qualcomm: "Done Deal!"

(BigBank and Qualcomm off stage left, chuckling)