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Recently I became witness to a severe case of food mistreatment. I let my colleagues drag me into one of Darmstadt's fast food "shops", I dare not say "restaurant", Subways. Large international fast food franchise, you'll know them, there's likely one in your town as well. Stood in line, ordered some bread with chicken, salad, sauce. Watched the three stooges behind the counter prepare my meal and swore to never, ever return to that place. The way these people treated the food was unbearable to watch. I have never before seen such disrespect towards edibles, and consequently towards me as the customer buying them.

Of course it didn't taste good. Cold despite valiant efforts with a microwave oven, tasteless, boring, the bread dry like carpet dust and just as disgusting to eat.

Now, maybe the one I visited was just the one bad example, but for me that's the end of the story for good. I'm not opposed to fast food in principle, but there are just too few good ones to make it worth the effort searching. Subways? No Way!