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Gadgets, more Gadgets!

Owning a number of electronic toys already, like several Archos' PMP's, a Nokia N810, and a 1st generation EeePc 701 4G I'm now considering buying something new. It's going to be a netbook, since I seriously love the EeePc, but it's just too slow, with too meager battery life, too small screen and a number of other "too" somethings.

But, ah, the choice! The EeePc 1000H is obviously desirable, but there are others like the MSI Wind U100 which has been recently updated to feature Draft-n wireless lan (Ralink chipset) and Intel GMA950, and a 160GB HDD.

There's also Lenovos' IdeaPad S10, which adds an ExpressCard slot to the mix but doesn't feature Draft-n. The design is supposedly a bit slimmer than the U100 but I guess I need to have it in my hands to decide. And of course, like all Diamondville based netbooks, you need a 6 cell battery to achieve 5 hours of autonomy, and that messes badly with the weight and any idea of beauty the devices designer ever had.

I also briefly looked at the FSC AmiloMini, which also has an ExpressCard slot but only a small HDD. All in all, the current offerings are all using the Atom N270 chipset and so they don't give each other much with regards to computing power and autonomy. However, the next generation featuring Intels' new Menlow chips will probably not come out earlier than summer 2009.

I guess I'll get either the U100 or the S10 with a big battery. That means I'll have to wait until almost end of November, which is when the S10 is supposed to be available here. I'm however not sure that I'll be able to wait that long.

Anyway, I found a number of reviews on including a comparison between the 1000H and the U100, with the U100 winning. So I guess I'll not be waiting and just getting the U100 instead.

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