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5 thoughts on “If you ever need to explain something to sales or marketing :-)

  1. Matthias Welwarsky

    Type. Reduce the complexity of your writing until nothing shows up in red. For example, try explaining what a doctor m.d. does. You will soon end up with something like: a doctor is a man who knows a lot about what makes people sick.

  2. Thiago Macieira

    I typed. I typed "Hello World" and nothing happened. I jammed at the keyboard and it highlighted the words but that was all.

    With your instructions, it makes sense now. But without any guidance, the functionality is undiscoverable.

  3. Thiago Macieira

    I did. I clicked and the page wasn't useful. I couldn't discover what it did. For me, it was a blank, green page that reacted only when I typed gibberish in the keyboard.


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