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Old Gear, too

Old Gear, too
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Today a big jumble sale of photo equipment was held at a university facility, it takes place only once a year and it was the first time I went there. It was quite amazing, the mass of gear for sale was huge. Wide selection of stuff from all old and recent camera makers. The selection of Canon FD lenses was not too rich, though.

Still, I was quite successful and got a 28mm f/2.8 for very little money and a 50mm f/3.5 macro lens in very good condition for considerably less than the cheapest ebay offer.

I was tempted to buy a 24mm f/2 and had another good offer for a 24mm f/2.8, but the difference in speed and field of view was too little against the 28mm I already had in my bag and I declined. Instead I took the 50mm f/3.5 macro, I think it will be nice for flower shots and might work as a portrait lens as well.

The 28mm is a particularly nice lens. It's very light and the effective focal length of 56mm is close to a typical film standard prime. I think I'll like it. The 50mm macro is a bit long physically, but also quite light. Not something to have on the camera all the time, but still something to have in your photo bag.

Some first images with both lenses can be found in my flickr photo stream.

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