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Now, how about you, dear Imgtec?

Now, how about you, dear Imgtec?

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Quake 3 Arena mit 133 fps -- auf dem Raspberry Pi! Dem freien Grafiktreiber sei Dank. Ich kann mich noch gut erinnern, wie Quake 3 Arena damals mit der Diamond Monster 3D (3dfx Voodoo1) ruckelte wie irre, weil 2 MByte Videospeicher einfach nicht reichten... (mfi) #q3a #raspberrypi

Das wär doch was :-)

Das wär doch was 🙂

Originally shared by Adafruit Industries

Bringing Star Trek to life: LCARS home automation with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

This LCARS home automation from YouTube user boltszmann138 a trekkies dream come true!

…I came to the conclusion that QT works fine for me. There are two programms running:

First, there is “ha_interface” on the raspberry which on the one hand connects to the arduino via usb and provides a tcp server for clients on the other hand. Clients can request sensor values by sending “request:sensortype:sensorid” over a simple QTcpSocket. If the arduino sends an interrupt (for example: reed contact 1 is now open), ha_interface sends a broadcast message like “broadcast:reed1:opened” to all connected clients. Parsing of these commands can easily be done via the QString::split(“:”) function. The biggest problem was: I dont want the clients to poll for the reed contact state, since they change very seldom. On the other hand, I didnt want to miss that event. So I had to find a way how recognize an interrupt (by emitting a signal) in the serial usb connection. This gave me the answer:… (part 5) and… . Several connected clients can talk to each other via the interface and share for example their local “red alert on” or “system locked” bool variables.

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