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First motobike trip of the year

Originally uploaded by thinkfat

If the motorbike virus has you, somehow it's not a question of convenience any more to go for a quick ride or not. So right after lunch today we took out our bikes for the first time this year. It was sure a bit chilly still at 5°C but with the right clothing it was bearable. We drove up to Neunkirchen, had a coffee and apple pie and went back home again.

I also took the opportunity to see if the camera setup I envisioned for our summer vacations would work out, and I'm happy to report that the Lumix G1 fits nicely into the tank pack as planned and is easy enough to operate while on the bike.

I also experimented with the geotagging feature of digikam, which worked quite nicely. I downloaded the trip log from my GPS after the ride and told digikam to correlate the images I had taken. It added a set of tags to the EXIF information that show the location where the photo was taken - well, to be precise, the location where the GPS receiver was when the photo was taken, but since it's mounted on the bike, that's not going to be too far off.

Now if I only could get flickr to consistenly import the location data. It's working only sometimes and I don't know why.

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